Rick Simpson Oil/Phoenix Tears

Let us take a moment to talk about RSO. Green Chill does NOT believe that you should plan to purchase the oil without first understanding you have our total support. We will first ask you to plan a meeting to discuss ALL of the variables in starting the oil protocol. We have experienced several success' and believe that it is the responsible way to handle this protocol.

Currently our RSO is on backorder, but welcome ANY orders or questions regarding the process. Please call for pricing information.  We believe in and have seen the power of Medical Marijuana and strive to have available the RSO medicine for folks with a need who would otherwise be without.

**Because RSO contains THC, a valid Dr. Recommendation is necessary before discussing this topic further.

Please follow this link and we will contact you as soon as your recommendation is validated.

Please find all the information about Rick Simpson Oil here: http://phoenixtears.ca

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