GREEN CHILL started in Ramona on October 2013 by a local single mom.  As a family, she and her children worked tenaciously during both the Cedar fire and the Witch Creek fire, donating tons of hours helping fire survivors in any capacity needed. She LOVES her community and its members! She realized the need for safe access to medical marijuana in Ramona and other rural surrounding areas, especially for people who were hurting and could not drive down the hill....and the CHILL was born!  

GREEN CHILL was the first service in Ramona and Julian and has been proudly and compassionately delivering to medical marijuana members ever since. GREEN CHILL has taken on a life of its own, creating a network of CHILL family members throughout Ramona, Julian, Borrego Springs and San Diego County.  

 GREEN CHILL has worked intensely with cannabis patients in hospice, members addicted to pharmaceuticals, war veterans suffering from PTSD, and members with cancer. We are well versed in AND LOVE presenting to cancer survivors and other various support groups to teach about cannabis and its tremendous natural effects. We recently launched a Canine line and are determined to extend the benefits of hemp and cannabis to the Equine family of our community. GREEN CHILL is humbly honored to assist in easing suffering in people's lives and the lives of their pets by providing a safe, effective, natural alternative. 

For GREEN CHILL, care ALWAYS comes first. We will discuss your symptoms thoroughly, then based on experience, recommend the appropriate products to treat your needs best. The GREEN CHILL family would love to get in contact with any new medical marijuana members who maybe struggling with pain management, cancer, anxiety, addiction, etc.

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